Baldur's Gate 3 – How to Complete All Act 1 Quests (2024)

Baldur's Gate 3 – How to Complete All Act 1 Quests (1)

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Complete All Act 1 Quests Follow this guide each steps.

Please keep in mind that the following is a list, not a complete walkthrough. Quests will be listed in the order in which I discovered or completed them.

The main goal of the tutorial is to ensure that you finish all quests in Act 1 without skipping any.

It is crucial to remember that while you can accomplish all missions in a single game, your choice of characters will impact subsequent missions.

Mountain Pass is currently lacking, and I am continuing to perform Underdark duties.

Find a Cure

  • Find the Githyanki Children’s Home

    This quest comes from Lae’zel

  • Get Help From Healer Nettie

    Emerald Grove, Inner Sanctum

  • You can ask the Goblin Priestess if you need help

    (Shattered Sanctum Goblin camp)

  • You can get help from Auntie Ethel

    (Riverside Teahouse Sunlit Wetlands).

  • Rescue the Druid Halsin

    (Worg Pens, Goblin Camp)

  • Help Omeluum to Investigate the Parasite

    (Myconid Colony, Underdark)

Moonrise Towers

  • Traveling through Mountain Pass

    (Accessed by a bridge broken north of Blighted Village. Continue west).

  • Travel into the Underdark

    You can reach this underground area via the Well located next to the waypoint (or the Auntie Ethel Hideout), the underground area below Blighted Village or the Priestess Gut Chamber.

You can complete both quests and explore them both without having any difficulty. However reaching Moonrise Towers means you are cut off from the previous paths, so you may want finish Mountain Pass or Underdark prior to getting there.

You should attend Underdark then Mountain Pass.

Embrace Your Potential

As you progress naturally through your quests you learn more about your Tadpole and its powers.

Uncover Artefact Secrets

Minthara, Goblin Camp commander

(Dror Ragzlin, Goblin Camp King)

(Githyanki Creche Quest).

Daughters Of Darkness (Shadowheart),

  • The Chosen Shar

Karlach’s Friery Friend

  • The Hellion’s Heart

    You will find him later.

The Blade of Frontiers

(Note – pursuing this quest enables you to recruit Karlach.

  • The Grand Duchy

    To begin the quest, investigate the burning Inn located at Waukeen’s rest.

Lae’zel (The Githyanki Warrior)

Astarion (The Pale Elf).

Speak with the man south from Sunlit Wetlands in order to get a fresh entry.

The Wizard of Waterdeep

  • In the Event of Death…

    Use the Scroll Gale on Gale, unthread purple seam anti-clockwise. Play notes on letter (D E a D) with flute.

Free Lae’zel


Recruit Lae’zel.

Rescue the Illithids’ captive


Recruit Shadowheart

Escape the Nautiloid


Escape the vessel with Shadowheart & Lae’zel.

You’ll also find Astarion, Gale and other characters nearby the coast.

Explore the Ruins

(North Of Overgrown Ruins Routepoint)

Investigate Crypt of the Crypt.

Save Arabella

Emerald Grove – Druid’s Chamber

Prevent Kagha if you can (or do not).

(Note: You will find Wyll training at the middle of the grove)

Find Your Belongings

The Hollow Emerald Grove

Speak to Mattis and begin the quest.

(Note – If you succeed in the Perception Check but don’t get the Quest) (I am unsure)

Return the Locket

The Hollow Emerald Grove

To start the quest, either you witness the theft, or you speak with Barth.

Investigate the Beach

North East of Emerald Grove

Help (or not help) the kidnapped child.

Steal Sacred Idol

Emerald Grove (Tieflings’ Hideout),

Return the idol or not to Mol.

Save the Goblin Sazza

North West Emerald Grove

Help Sazza to escape from the Grove.

Rescue Volo

(Goblin Camp)

Help Volo (or don’t) escape his fate and hire him in your own camp.

Save the Refugees

  • Defeat the Goblins

    (Note : Unlocks Halsin inside your camp / Locks Minthara you out)

    Kill the three Goblins leaders and side with Druids.

  • Investigate Kagha

    Note: You MUST find her chest BEFORE you can free Halsin or make a decision in Emerald Grove.

    Find the hidden chest and start your investigation.

  • Kill Kagha

    After checking with Zevlor and removing Kagha from the photo, you can decide to remove Kagha.

  • Save the First Druid

    Note: Even though you didn’t save him from the Goblin, defeating him allows him to go back to the Grove all by himself.

    Save Halsin Druid from Goblin Camp.

  • Raid Emerald Grove

    (Note : Unlocks Minthara inside your camp/ Locks Halsin out)

    By destroying the Emerald Grove, you can side with the Goblins.

Hunt the Devil

The Risen Road

You must defeat the Paladins in order to protect Karlach.

Rescue the Gnome

(Blighted Village)

Approach the goblins, and rescue or not the Gnome trapped within the windmill.

Save Mayrina

(Riverside Teahouse Sunlit Wetlands).

Long quest: investigate Auntie Ethel. You can help Mayrina or not.

Rescue the Trapped Man

(Inn, Waukeen’s Rest)

Help (or not help) the man trapped within the burning house.

Find the missing shipment.

(West Risen Road Waypoint).

Find the missing items, and help the survivors (or not), to overcome the Goblin attack.

Free the Artist

(Zentharim Hideout North West Waukeen’s Remain)

Speak with the artist once you’ve reached the hideout. He will tell you whether or not to help him escape.

Search the Cellar

(Start: Blighted Village)

  • Destroy Ancient Tome

    You can destroy them immediately.

  • Unlocking Ancient Tome

    (Whispering deaths, below Blighted Village).

    The Dark Amethist is found beneath the Phase Spider Nest in Whispering Deaths. It can be reached via the Well adjacent to Blighted Village.

Find the Nightsong

(Start: Emerad Grove)

The quest starts when you talk to Liam on the Emerald Grove.

Finishing Masterwork Weapon

(Start at: north of Blighted Village)

Start the quest with Highcliff’s Journal, located in one of Blighted Village’s houses.

Rescue the Grand Duke

(Inn, Waukeen’s Rest)

Save the Counsellor Florrick in the burning Inn and start the quest.

Find the Missing Boots

(Beach, Underdark)

Help Gekh Coal locate the boot thief.

Cure Poisoned Giant

(Myconid Colony, Underdark)

Choose to help her, or not. It is best to have a standard anti-toxin with you.

Note: If she dies, you cannot get the quest.

Save Grymforge Gnomes

(Myconid Colony, Underdark)

After saving the boot-thief Thulla, she asks to be helped. Help (or ignore) her.

Find the Mushroom Grabber

(Myconid Colony, Underdark)

Help Derryth the merchant, find her husband (or do not).

Defeat Duergar’s Intruders

(Myconid Colony, Underdark)

Speak with Sovreign spaw and (or) not help eliminate the enemies.

True Soul Free Nere

(Myconid Colony, Underdark)

Save (or save not) Nere by the poisonous Gas

(Note that if Nere is saved, the time will pass and he will die.

This isn’t a quest, but it gives your storyline permanent characters and may even introduce new interactions in your party.

  • Scratch

    (Northeast Blighted Village and above the bridge).

    Scratch, the Dog can be recruited and added to your Camp by being friends with him.

  • Owlbear Cub

    (North east Blighted Village and above the bridge).

    By refusing to kill the Owlbear Cub, you can become his friend and add him to camp.

    Note: You can let the Owlbear Mother live or die.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Complete All Act 1 Quests is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll get to it as quickly as possible. May this be a good day for you. Creator and writer Shibe ✿ was the inspiration for this article. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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