Baldur's Gate 3: How to Find and Rescue Mol in BG3 (2024)

After saving Mol with the other Tieflings in the Druid Grove in Act 1 of BG3, she won’t stay safe for long. During Act 2, Mol gets whisked away during Marcus’ ambush to the Last Light Inn, requiring you to find and save her once again.

By heading downstairs of the Last Light Inn, many of the Tiefling kids will be worried about Mol’s whereabouts, emphasizing that she’s their family. So, just like with many other refugees and missing Tieflings, it’s time to find out where Mol’s been taken to.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Find Mol in BG3?

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Well, it turns out Find Mol is a side quest that will sit in the quest journal for quite some time. Mol is not lost around the Shadow-Cursed Lands, trapped in Moonrise Towers, or inside one of the Mind Flayer Colony pods. In fact, you won’t be able to reach her until Act 3 kicks in.


Once Baldur’s Gate Lower City is unlocked, look for Mol in the Guildhall. This place is related to Jaheira’s Companion Quest, The High Harper, and the pursuit of the Stone Lord. It seems that Mol has joined the Guild’s ranks and has made a name for herself among them, helping peddle merchandise. Mysteriously, Mol also seems to have done away with the eyepatch, now sporting two healthy eyes.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find the Guildhall Location in BG3?

The Guildhall is located in the mid-eastern portion of the Lower City map in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are two ways to get in: through the front or back door.

How to Gain Access to the Guildhall Through the Lower City in BG3

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To gain access to the Guildhall in Baldur’s Gate 3, earn their favor by taking their side against the Stone Lord. In Rivington’s beach, left to the South Span Checkpoint, the Guild and the Stone Lord followers will be having a dispute over some cargo. Choose to take the Guild’s side to earn their favor and some coin.

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Once the Lower City is accessible, use the Heapside Strand waypoint to teleport near the Guildhall. From there, head northeast toward the dead-end cornered by houses. After helping them out, the guard will welcome you into the Guildhall.

How to Sneak into the Guildhall Through the City Sewers in BG3

The other way to get into the Guildhall is through the City Sewers. Though there are many entrances, follow these steps to find the easiest one.

Visual ReferenceStep
From the Baldur’s Gate waypoint, head past the statue and take a left toward the path with the stairs.
Then, take a second left and look for a manhole on the floor. Enter it to access the City Sewers.
Once inside the Sewers, head through the entrance on the left, then keep walking forward.
Walk past the cranium rat and take the door to the left.
After interacting with or taking care of Orin’s followers, take a left to follow the wooden platform.
Walk past the entrance and deactivate the lever to dissipate the Noxious Fumes. It can be shot from afar.
zStand in front of the lever and jump to the room upstairs.
Take a right and follow the path upstairs until running into a door that reads “No Exit, No Entry.” Lockpick it to access the Guildhall in BG3.

Note that, since I walked through the main entrance, it’s not clear how the Guild and its leader, Nine Fingers, will react to someone breaking into their lair. In any case, why not Long Rest before waltzing right into potential trouble?

How to Find Mol’s Contract in BG3

After you’ve made your way to Mol in the Guildhall, she won’t tip you off that anything out of the ordinary has happened, but her newly healed eye may give you a hint that she’s been up to some shenanigan’s. In actuality, Mol has made a deal with Raphael, and you can find her contract in Raphael’s House of Hope.

To get to the House of Hope, you’ll first need to meet with Raphael at the Sharess’ Caress in Rivington. After your meetup, you can head over to Devil’s Fee in northern Lower City to grab some materials from the shopkeep, Helsik. On the second floor of the Devil’s Fee, you can then strategically place those materials to open up a portal to the House of Hope.

Once inside the House of Hope, you’ll want to make your way through the main hall until you spot a large purple gym on the wall up some stairs. This is the Infernal Control Gem. Interact with it and pass a DC20 Arcana check to open the door and head inside a hidden treasure room. Mol’s contract will be sitting on a pedestal to the left of the entrance. Grab it, and while you’re in here, don’t forget to grab your own contract if you made a deal with Raphael.

With Mol’s contract in hand, you can head back to Mol in the Guildhall and have a chat to find out about her deal with Raphael. Turns out, Mol’s contract is what allowed her to escape the Shadow-Cursed lands unharmed and will one day help her to become the Guild’s leader. It’s unclear what Raphael would’ve gotten in return, but Mol has no interest in breaking the contract. In fact, if you tell Mol that you killed Raphael, she’ll become quite angry and will refuse to talk to you for the rest of the game.

So, no, you won’t actually get anything for finding Mol’s contract and bringing it back to her. But the extra context on her character is nice. Just maybe don’t mention Raphael’s demise to her.

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Baldur's Gate 3: How to Find and Rescue Mol in BG3 (2024)
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