Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (2024)

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (1)Cari Heinz
2023-11-08 17:58:59 GMT

The BEST bottle shop in town. Always friendly and helpful when you aren’t sure exactly what to get or where something is located.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (2)Luna Cox
2019-06-04 02:40:23 GMT

Awesome shop! I got these 2 from one of my favorite brewing companies on sale, and they always have my preferred liquors and such in stock. I absolutely adore this place!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (3)Adam Brown
2019-06-08 18:26:39 GMT

Solid store with wide variety of bourbon and barrel selects. Highly recommended.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (4)Marc Cameruci
2023-11-20 22:12:36 GMT

Great local shop with good local beer selection.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (5)Juanita Lumpkin
2018-08-01 22:36:28 GMT

They always have what we need and are pleasantly helpful when we can't seem to find a particular item. Their suggestions have also been on point every time. We love it and visit often. 😁

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (6)Terri
2023-02-17 13:26:08 GMT

Well first of all I don't drink, however, there are some family members who do, so for special occasions, this is where I go. I get a kick out of the employees they always help me and are generally happy! So if you need to get something of alcohol content I recommend this store!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (7)John Edwards
2022-03-21 20:08:12 GMT

Five Points Bottle Shop has everything you need to operate a kegerator! You can pickup CO2 and your keg in one spot! Great prices and incredible selection of kegs. They’re also willing to order kegs at your request. They can have all my booze business. Thanks guys!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (8)Krunal Patel
2022-11-12 22:22:54 GMT

Great selection of Craft beers if you love trying new kinds. Always willing to help and answers questions. Amazing customer service.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (9)Randy Priest
2021-03-09 22:39:41 GMT

A fantastic staff. They are always very kind and helpful. The selection here is great for really anything you're looking for. With the growler shop next door and a great location in 5 points. It is unbeatable.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (10)Andrew Cartey
2022-01-31 14:24:44 GMT

We used Michael and the Five Points team for our wedding and couldn't have been happier. All of the product recommendations were well received by our guests and the volume estimates were right on spot. I will continue to be a customer of this shop!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (11)Kari
2018-04-18 02:43:24 GMT

Super helpful and knowledgeable staff! They helped me find my new favorite beer. Great selection, I imagine you could find anything you'd possibly want in there. Awesome vibe, and an all around local staple. It's not the closest liquor store to me, but I prefer it over the others anyway.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (12)Caleb
2017-08-20 05:12:41 GMT

The absolute best selection of liquor, wine, and beer in Athens, and unless you know a liquor rep and buy wholesale, you will NOT find better prices on anything in Clarke county or any of the surrounding area. The employees are always very friendly and knowledgeable (though everyone has their specialty), and if they don't have something you're looking for, they've offered to order it special. The growler is a great deal, and lets you try out a lot of different stuff for the lowest possible entry price. No complaints at all- the only liquor store in Athens I patronize.

Plus, the building is decorated super cool and it's in a great area- the ACTUAL 5 Points!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (13)ambi660
2021-09-23 00:07:19 GMT

Five Point Bottle Shop is the best. Customer service is above and beyond. I drive 1 hour to go there regularly, mainly for the excellent selection of beer and liquor. We are Germans, and Mike (the owner) is getting out of his way to get us our favorite German beer (Reissdorf Koelsch) in a keg, usually in a couple of days, and even keeps offering to have always one in stock. The staff is fantastic, always helps to load the car and provides advice. Besides this, we feel very safe during these crazy pandemic times; everybody in the shop follows good common sense covid protocols.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (14)CaptainC1012
2017-12-14 03:42:37 GMT

Five Points Bottle is an original in the circle of small businesses with longevity in the Athens area. Great selection, reasonable pricing, and knowledgeable/friendly staff. Only peculiar thing, and it’s not anything that should deter potential customers, is that you lose cell phone service while inside. It’s so weird! Perfect service two feet outside of the door, then nada upon entering. So figure out what you’re picking up for John and Jane Doe before you walk in!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (15)Joe Lucchetti
2019-09-06 01:21:53 GMT

Best selection I've found in Athens. Has a few things I've looked for many places and haven't seen anywhere else in Athens. Just waiting for the next holiday to justify a top shelf liquor purchase...

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (16)Ashley Mensah Robbins
2017-08-25 13:33:22 GMT

5 Points is my source for amazing beer. They have a great selection of wine and liquor as well, but I have to say that I believe the beer selection sets it apart from other places. Being that there is a pretty narrow range of beers that I actually would like to drink a whole 4 or 6-pack of, it's usually difficult at other liquor and grocery stores to find something. But at 5 Points I know I'm going to leave with something cool. The salespeople are very good at taking some vague comments of what I like and pointing me to something that often becomes my new favorite. I'm truly upset that I have moved further away and it takes longer to get there now, but that hasn't stopped me! Cheers to 5 Points.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (17)judith emerson
2017-08-20 18:29:15 GMT

I am so pleased to have this place nearby! They have a great selection, even my fav beer which i have a real hard time finding, and at great prices! Staff is friendly and helpful and the store itself is cute!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (18)Nathan Carter
2020-06-28 17:57:36 GMT

Have been so awesome during Coronavirus .. took my vague order outside with masks and all and delivered to curb! Great service as always! Wish I could say the same about the west side who refused to do curbside for homebrew malts.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (19)Beth Rueger
2019-01-20 20:28:46 GMT

The Five Points Bottle Shop team helped us determine what we needed for our daughter's wedding. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I highly recommend this business to others!

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (20)Tom Aguero
2017-06-05 13:10:29 GMT

I love it, my bank account hates it. Great bottle selection with all the locals you need and all the national beers you want. Keep an eye on the bottom shelves for dust covered vintage sours.

Five Points Bottle Shop, Athens Reviews (2024)
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