How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (2024)

How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (1)

This is a guide on how to beat Tibia Mariner, a recurring boss that appears across multiple locations in Elden Ring. Read on to learn more about Tibia Mariner's locations, stats and drops, and how to beat the Tibia Mariner.

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Tibia Mariner Locations

Boss Location and Rec. Level

How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (2)

Tibia Mariner (Summonwater Village)
Rec. Lvl.: 10+ Location: Summonwater Village Where to Find: Optional boss found in Summonwater Village, in northeast Limgrave.
Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (3) Tibia Mariner (Charo's Hidden Grave) Rec. Lvl.: 150+ Location: Charo's Hidden Grave Where to Find: Optional boss found south of the Charo's Hidden Grave site of grace.

DLC Only: Pass Through Dragon's Pit to Reach Charo's Hidden Grave

The Tibia Mariner in Charo's Hidden Grave is only accessible if you have the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and gained access to the Land of Shadow. It will require you to clear the Dragon's Pit cave dungeon.

From there, you will unlock the way to Jagged Peak and be able to go south to climb the Giant Dead Dragon and reach Charo's Hidden Grave.

How to Get to Charo's Hidden Grave (Red Area)

How to Beat Tibia Mariner

Tips for Beating Tibia Mariner
Use Group Spirit Ashes
Use Strike, Holy Damage and Scarlet Rot
Prepare Physical and Magical Damage Negation
Fight on Horseback

Use Group Spirit Ashes to Distract Skeleton Summons

How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (8)

The Tibia Mariner alone is an easy boss to kill due to its slow and telegraphed attacks, but becomes a chore to fight due to its ability to summon skeletons that demand your attention.

Use group Spirit Ash summons like the Mausoleum Soldier Spirit Ashes or Greatshield Soldier Spirit Ashes to even the numbers and kill, or at least draw the aggro of, the Mariner's summons so you can focus on the actual boss.

List of All Spirit Ashes

Use Strike, Holy Damage and Scarlet Rot

The Tibia Mariner is weakest against Strike and Holy damage, with -40% damage resistance against the two types. The DLC-exclusive Black Steel Greathammer is the perfect weapon for dealing both those types of damage, but there are also decent base game options like the Envoy's Horn, Staff of the Avatar, and Beastclaw Greathammer.

For DoT builds, the Tibia Mariner is immune to everything except Scarlet Rot, so you'll be limited to weapons like the Antspur Rapier or incantations like Rotten Breath and Ekzykes's Decay.

Prepare Physical and Magical Damage Negation

Unless you're severely underleveled, the Tibia Mariner and its skeletons won't pose much of an upfront threat damage-wise. Still, you should prepare talismans for physical and magic damage negation so that their damage doesn't accumulate over time.

Considering most of the Mariners will be encountered mid-game or near endgame, it would be best to seek out and equip talismans such as the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1 and the DLC-exclusive Spelldrake Talisman +3 to bolster your defenses.

Fight on Horseback

How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (9)

Attacking while on Torrent is highly suggested for two reasons: the first is so you can easily move in and out of the Tibia Mariner's melee range to constantly harass and attack him, and the second is so you can swiftly chase him down when he teleports after you have pressured him with enough attacks.

Tibia Mariner Rewards

Tibia Mariners Rewards
Tibia Mariner
(Summonwater Village)
・2400 Runes
Skeletal Militiamen Spirit Ashes
Tibia Mariner
(Charo's Hidden Grave)DLC Only
・9959 Runes
Tibia's Cookbook
Call of Tibia

Elden Ring Related Guides

How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (10)

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How to Beat Tibia Mariner: Boss Fight Guide | Elden Ring|Game8 (2024)
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