How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash (Problem Solved) | ExileDriver (2024)

While raising your acceptance rate on DoorDash could seem easy from a distance, it’s a different case when you begin putting in the work. You could even end up frustrated, asking yourself why your acceptance rate is not increasing.

Well, In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 3 major tips to actually get your acceptance rate to move positively.

3 Tips on How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash

Instead of the conventional “how to” or “step-by-step” guide, we like to approach this article with a “tip” format, as the whole thing is fairly easy but can be confusing.

Enough chatters. Let’s get started…(the last tip is gold)

1. Accept more orders

I’m sure you’ve heard this enough but this is actually the only way to increase your acceptance rate.

Generally, the idea is to accept more orders than you’ve done in your last 100 delivery offers.

While you might not be able to tell how many orders you declined in the last 100 delivery offers you got, you have the power to influence how many orders you accept now.

Editors note: “Delivery offer,” in this context, is used to represent the order request, which allows you to either accept or decline orders.

Now while you do this, you still want to be selective with the orders you take, unless your only goal is to stop your acceptance rate from getting too low – then that’s fine.

Otherwise, set a standard and work by it.

For most people and me personally, this is usually a minimum of $1 per mile delivery. There are also some people who prefer to work by a time estimate.

2. Acceptance rate on Doordash is a rolling average

90% of the time, the complaint has always been “I’ve been accepting orders but my acceptance rate has refused to increase.”

And then we have others who just go straight to say the rating system on the platform doesn’t update in real-time, whereas it actually does.

So let’s explain how this works…

Firstly, you need to understand how the acceptance rate works…

Just like other ratings —Customer and Completion— on Doordash, the acceptance rate works by a 100 setting.

But then, it’s based on the last “100 delivery offers sent” and not “100 deliveries” as most people assume.

Simply put, the acceptance rate is a percentage of the total delivery accepted within your last 100 delivery offers.

In other words, if you accepted 80 out of 100 delivery offers, you have an acceptance rate of 80%. And if you accepted 30 deliveries out of 100 delivery offers, you have a 30% acceptance rate.

Now, if you were to increase your acceptance rate. unless you had reset it, you’ll need to roll out your declined delivery offers in the past with newly accepted ones.

Let’s use this illustration to explain this…

How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash (Problem Solved) | ExileDriver (1)

Let’s say you had an acceptance rate of 90% that looked like this from Doordash’s end.

To increase your acceptance rate above 90%, you’ll need to replace those 10 rejected delivery offers with acceptance ones.

And to do that, you don’t just need to accept more orders — that won’t do anything.

Rather, you’ll need to accept 100 orders because the 10 rejected orders are in the rear end of your last 100 delivery.

This is how it should look now…

How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash (Problem Solved) | ExileDriver (3)

3. Reset your Acceptance rate

Now, if the last section seems confusing and you’re not ready to go by it, it’s best you go all in to reset your rate.

Yes, Doordash has a feature that allows drivers to reset their rate. In fact, this is the go-to approach if you have a really bad acceptance rate and want to easily increase it.

Basically, by resetting your acceptance rate, the whole thing starts from 0 again. And when you accept the first offer that comes your way, it should pump to a 100% acceptance rate. You can then choose to build your rate from here.

So, how can you reset your acceptance rate?

You’ll normally find the option to reset it when you tap on your current acceptance rate.

How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash (Problem Solved) | ExileDriver (4)

Next, click on the “Learn more” button, which should load you to a screen that lets you reset your acceptance rate.

If you can find this option, it’s possible you’re not eligible for it, as the whole thing is selective. But this is only common when you have an already good acceptance rate.

Does Acceptance Rate Matter on Doordash?

This is one of the frequently asked questions on Doordash, and for a good reason – keeping up a good acceptance rate on Doordash is quite difficult unless you want to accept every order that comes your way (which would definitely have its share of sh*tty orders).

So is having a good acceptance rate really important or is it just a flex?

Generally, you shouldn’t have a problem with a low acceptance rate on Doordash.

Doordash confirms this here…

How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash (Problem Solved) | ExileDriver (5)

Basically, there’s no minimum requirement for the acceptance rate.

However, the company makes note that having a higher acceptance rate could place you in the position for better orders. However, a lot of drivers have debunked the truth in this.

But as we always say, you never can tell unless you try it for yourself. Because, as we know, success on DoorDash and on food delivery platforms, in general, is heavily dependent on individual location.

And lastly, with a higher acceptance rate of over 70%, you have a good chance of being a Top Dasher, a program where qualifying dashers are rewarded and recognized.

According to Doordash, for any month you qualify, you get a higher priority for orders and are open to more lucrative deliveries — pretty similar to what we said earlier.

Generally, the requirement of the program is as follows;

  1. A minimum of 4.7 Customer rating
  2. A minimum of 70% Acceptance rate
  3. A minimum of 95% Completion rate
  4. 100 completed deliveries during the last month.
  5. At least 200-lifetime deliveries completed.

Final Thoughts

Typically, increasing your acceptance rate is fairly easy. You just have to keep accepting orders and keep in mind that it’s a rolling average of 100 orders, so would definitely take some time to reflect.

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How to Raise Acceptance Rate DoorDash (Problem Solved) | ExileDriver (2024)


How do you fix your acceptance rate on DoorDash? ›

Your acceptance rate is calculated based on the latest 100 delivery opportunities you receive. In order to reset your acceptance rate, tap the link in your email (you must be the recipient of the email) or the link in your app and complete the reset form by the deadline provided.

How to raise DoorDash acceptance rate fast? ›

You can raise your acceptance rate by consistently accepting offer opportunities that are assigned to you. It is also a rolling average, which means it may take a few opportunities before you see an increase in your average.

Does DoorDash penalize you for acceptance rate? ›

For most of the major food delivery services (DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats), your acceptance rate won't have too much of an effect on your ability to earn. The majority of the delivery apps have driver reward programs, however, and your acceptance rate usually affects them.

Can you get kicked off DoorDash for acceptance rate? ›

Does Your Acceptance Rate Matter On DoorDash? Your DoorDash acceptance rate doesn't matter in terms of avoiding Dasher deactivation. In other words, you can decline as many orders as you want and you won't face any direct penalties. You don't receive fewer DoorDash orders either even if you have a low acceptance rate.

How long can I reset my acceptance rate on DoorDash? ›

Here's the short answer: You can't manually reset your DoorDash acceptance rate. But don't worry, there's more to it. Your acceptance rate changes based on the last 100 delivery opportunities.

Do top dashers get better orders? ›

Delivery Priority: If two DoorDash drivers are able to accept the same order, the driver with Top Dasher status will be given priority. High-value Order Priority: Top Dashers will also get priority over orders with a total value of $30 or more.

How to get your acceptance rate higher? ›

Below, we introduce our top nine tips to help you increase your chances of getting accepted to your dream college.
  1. Earn Good Grades in Challenging Courses. ...
  2. Get a High SAT/ACT Score. ...
  3. Write a Compelling Personal Statement. ...
  4. Demonstrate Interest. ...
  5. Secure Strong Letters of Recommendation. ...
  6. Apply to a Diverse Selection of Colleges.

Does DoorDash pay $500 for 50 deliveries? ›

Here's a guaranteed earnings example from DoorDash: “Earn at least $500 in total earnings for 50 deliveries in the next week.” That means that if you complete 50 orders and only make $450, DoorDash will add an additional $50 to meet the $500 guarantee.

How do I get higher DoorDash orders? ›

The busiest times to work are typically 11 A.M.-2 P.M. and 4 P.M.-9 P.M. If you make room in your schedule for these two blocks of time, you'll get a consistent stream of orders. While your best bet is to call dibs on peak hours in advance, these times are usually so busy you can just use the “Dash Now” feature.

How to get top Dasher on DoorDash? ›

Below are the Top Dasher requirements according to DoorDash:
  1. High customer rating of at least 4.7.
  2. Acceptance rate of at least 70%
  3. Completion rate of at least 95%
  4. 100 completed deliveries during the last month.
  5. At least 200 lifetime deliveries completed.
Oct 13, 2023

Does earn by time affect your acceptance rate? ›

Any offers declined on Earn by Time mode – whether it's the first decline per hour or the second – will count toward your Acceptance Rate. Earn by Time has several advantages if you are seeking more earnings consistency.

Why am I getting such low orders on DoorDash? ›

The main reasons you're not getting orders on DoorDash include delivering in a busy market, distance from pickup and dropoff locations, if you're scheduled for a dash, and potential technial issues with the Dasher app.

How long does DoorDash deactivation last? ›

A: As with all deactivations, deactivations based on extreme lateness are permanent. If you are deactivated and you believe you have been wrongly deactivated, your deactivation email will include details regarding how you can appeal.

Can I make another DoorDash account? ›

It is against DoorDash's policy to have more than one account. DoorDash's deactivation policy states that your account can be deactivated if you have more than one account. If you want to try to create a new DoorDash account, you'll need a different email address, different phone number, and a different home address.

How do I get more orders on DoorDash? ›

The busiest times to work are typically 11 A.M.-2 P.M. and 4 P.M.-9 P.M. If you make room in your schedule for these two blocks of time, you'll get a consistent stream of orders. While your best bet is to call dibs on peak hours in advance, these times are usually so busy you can just use the “Dash Now” feature.

How to get top Dasher? ›

Top Dasher is very difficult to achieve and requires drivers to meet a number of criteria, such as having an acceptance rate of 70 percent or larger, a completion rate of at least 95%, and at least 200 lifetime deliveries.

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