Stellaris Dyson Sphere Tutorial (2024)

Dyson Sphere is yet another multi-stage Stellaris Megastructure, based on the theoretical concept envisioned by physicist Freeman Dyson and added to the game in Utopia DLC. This megastructure encompasses a star thus turning everything in the star system where it’s located into frozen or cold barren worlds (cause you know, there’s no sun as it’s covered by the sphere). The Sphere has the sole purpose of harnessing the star’s power and turning it into energy. Once it’s completed, it severely increases your energy output. Take a look at the tech requirements and general tips and tricks on how you should use Stellaris Dyson Sphere.

Tech Requirements

Stellaris Dyson Sphere Tutorial (1)
Image credits: Paradox Interactive, Stellaris

As you might guess, if you want to build a monstrosity that encompasses the entire star and harness its energy transferring it to your empire, that kind of thing will have quite a few tech requirements. Actually, the requirements for Stellaris Dyson Sphere are exactly the same as the ones for the Ring World. In short, you need to get Galactic Wonders Ascension Perk which is only available after you researched Mega-Engineering tech and repaired or built one megastructure. So, go down the battleship engineering tech lane, get Mega-Engineering, restore or built another megastructure, and then take Galactic Wonders Perk. After that, you will be able to research Dyson Sphere technology.

Note that only by building or restoring a multi-stage megastructure will grant you Galactic Wonders. A great candidate for your first megastructure can be Mega-Shipyard as it’s very useful and fairly cheap to build.

Building Stellaris Dyson Sphere

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Image credits: Paradox Interactive, Stellaris

Dyson Sphere is one of the most expensive megastructures in the game – the grand total price of a fully upgraded sphere stands at whooping 55 000 Alloys and 26 000 Unity. To make things even more difficult, it’s built through a total of 6 stages:

  • Phase 1: Dyson Sphere Site (5000 Alloys, 1000 Unity); Effect: None
  • Phase 2: Dyson Sphere Frame (10 000 Alloys, 5000 Unity); Effect: None
  • Phase 3: Dyson Sphere Partial 25% (10 000 Alloys, 5000 Unity); Effect: + 1000 Energy
  • Phase 4: Dyson Sphere Partial 50% (10 000 Alloys, 5000 Unity); Effect: + 2000 Energy
  • Phase 5: Dyson Sphere Partial 75% (10 000 Alloys, 5000 Unity); Effect: + 3000 Energy
  • Phase 6: Dyson Sphere Completed(10 000 Alloys, 5000 Unity); Effect: + 4000 Energy

As you can see, building the Dyson Sphere will be pricy and long – but, providing that you are not in a super-late phase of the game, you do need it. Amazing +4000 Energy credits that it provides once fully upgraded will allow you to build a larger fleet, sustain all the energy consumption your empire has, and more. The great thing about this enormous energy output is the fact that you can pretty much switch all your Technicians to other jobs since the Sphere will provide more than enough energy credits. Furthermore, that means that the initial cost in terms of Alloys is actually lower since you will be able to switch Technicians to Metallurgist jobs thus increasing the overall Alloy production.

Note that you can only build one Dyson Sphere but you can restore a ruined one as well meaning that potentially you can have two. It has to be built around a regular star (no pulsars, black holes, etc.).Dyson Sphere can’t be built in a star system where anomalies are present nor in binary or trinary systems.

A Real-Life Dyson Sphere

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Image credits: Paradox Interactive, Stellaris

In case you are wondering how realistic Stellaris Dyson Sphere is – well, for humans, it’s still science fiction. What Freeman Dyson envisioned is something that perhaps a type 2 alien civilization is using. As we are still not even a type 1, according to Nikolai Kardashev’s civilization scale, obviously we can’t build anything remotely similar to a Dyson Sphere. However, not everything about this megastructure is science fiction – we can at least look for one. That’s what the scientists are doing now – observing the changes in light that come from distant stars, hoping to find an anomaly in terms of brightness, proving that a megastructure is what causes it. So far, scientists didn’t have much luck in finding one, except for one false alarm in 2015. The dims in brightness of the KIC 8462852 star turned out to be just dust circling around it so we are yet to discover the existence of Dyson Spheres.

Final thoughts on Stellaris Dyson Sphere Megastructure

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Image credits: Paradox Interactive, Stellaris

As you can see, the Dyson Sphere megastructure comes with a great cost but also yields amazing energy output. The main disadvantage is not the cost though – it’s the tech requirements. Since the Sphere can’t be built as your first megastructure that means that you probably can’t rush-build it so it’s going to be finished in the late-game phase. For some empires, in this phase, energy output is not the problem, so if you are playing as one of those, then you should avoid building Dyson Sphere.

However, most of the empires do need a boost in energy credit output because of the fleet you need to deal with the End-Game Crisis. Furthermore, even if you have solid energy production, it’s still useful to replace Technicians with Metallurgists as you will probably need a lot of Alloys in the late stage of the game – and you can do that if you have a Dyson Sphere as you will no longer have a need for Technicians due to the energy output from the sphere.

Stellaris Dyson Sphere Tutorial (2024)


Is there enough matter in the solar system to build a Dyson sphere? ›

However, if one were to destroy and strip mine the entire inner solar system - Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars - enough material could be gathered to create the sphere with a radius of the Earth-Sun distance, 3 [m] thick.

How do you beat the game in the Dyson sphere Program? ›

To beat the game, you need to produce several thousand Universe Matrices which are comprised of Electromagnetic Matrices, Energy Matrices, Structure Matrices, Information Matrices, Gravity Matrices, and Antimatter.

Do we have enough resources for a Dyson sphere? ›

Regardless of the final blueprint, a Dyson ring, sphere, bubble or swarm is going to require material resources and energy on an unprecedented scale. We won't find enough raw materials for this project on Earth.

Can you only build one Dyson sphere in Stellaris? ›

A Dyson Sphere is a multi-stage Megastructure. Only one multi-stage Megastructure can be built per system and only one multi-stage Megastructure can be constructed or upgraded at a time. All multi-stage Megastructures can only be built once per Empire, except for the Ring World.

What is the best star to build a Dyson Sphere Program? ›

Luminosity is king when it comes to securing the best power output out of a Dyson Sphere, making the O-Type Star the most practical in terms of any star players should use to create the gigastructure.

Are Dyson spheres theoretically possible? ›

Although Dyson sphere systems are theoretically possible, building a stable megastructure around the Sun is currently far beyond humanity's engineering capacity. The number of craft required to obtain, transmit, and maintain a complete Dyson sphere exceeds present-day industrial capabilities.

What is the best start in the Dyson Sphere Program? ›

The best starting seed discovered so far is 81488271. This seed is perfect. Both planets other than the starter have 100% build areas with no obstacles. Wind power never needs to worry about being blocked out by the sun, so players can rely on it during all cycles.

How long does it take to finish Dyson Sphere Program? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Dyson Sphere Program is about 65 Hours in length.

What does sandbox mode do in Dyson Sphere Program? ›

It's best for building blueprints and testing ideas. And testing blueprints. Placing a blueprint will construct it even if you don't already have the buildings in inventory.

How many people play Dyson Sphere Program? ›

Dyson Sphere Program
MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days3,444.36,141
May 20243,262.26,349
April 20244,019.37,499
March 20244,571.98,277
38 more rows

How many refineries are in the Dyson Sphere Program? ›

Each module is comprised of 3 Oil Refineries: the first uses basic Plasma Refining to turn Crude Oil into Refined Oil and Hydrogen, and the other two use X-Ray Cracking to produce Hydrogen and Graphite. This is a perfectly efficient ratio: 1 Plasma Refining, 2 X-Ray Cracking.

Is Dyson Sphere Program easier than Factorio? ›

Factorio is more complex and mature, but DSP has some quality of life features that Factorio could benefit from and is somewhat easier to get into. And Space, of course! Personally I like Factorio more, but both games are great, so I recommend getting both of them!

Is there enough mass in the solar system to build a Dyson sphere? ›

However, even if we were able to completely disassemble these planets and use all of their material, it's still unlikely that we would have enough material to construct a Dyson sphere of the size and composition you specified.

What is the max planet capacity in Stellaris? ›

Planet capacity is capped at 500.

How much mass does it take to build a Dyson sphere? ›

The mass required for the construction of the Dyson Sphere is M = ρ×4πr2×t where 'ρ' is the density of the material of the Sphere and 't' its thickness. For Earth-like density, a radius of 3 × 106 km and thickness of 1 meter, we find a mass of ∼ 6 × 1023 kg, slightly less than the mass of the Moon!

How can a Dyson sphere be built? ›

And it is: As an immense, hollow ball, the structure is impossible. “An actual sphere around the sun is completely impractical,” Stuart Armstrong, a research fellow at Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute who has studied megastructure concepts, tells Popular Mechanics.

How many earths does it take to make a Dyson sphere? ›

A significant problem is that our Solar System only contains about 100 Earths worth of solid material, so our advanced alien civilisation would need to dismantle all the planets in 10,000 planetary systems and transport it to the star to build their Dyson sphere.

How large of an orbit might a Dyson sphere have in our solar system? ›

A sphere the size of Earth's orbit

A Dyson sphere might be, say, the size of Earth's orbit around the sun. We orbit at a distance of 93 million miles (about 150 million km).

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