Where to Find Mol in Baldur's Gate 3 (2024)

Where to Find Mol in Baldur's Gate 3 (1)

If you're trying to Find Mol in the second act of Baldur's Gate 3, honestly, good luck to you! I spent a very long time investigating every nook and cranny of the Shadow-Cursed Lands looking for her, and also Zevlor. For a little context, after you reach the Last Light Inn, you'll find Mol chatting and playing chess with Raphael, but once the safe haven is attacked, she disappears and her Tiefling pals ask you to look for her.

But Mol is nowhere to be found in the region, so you can safely stop looking and worrying that she might get eaten by some shadow monster. Here, I'll explain where you can Find Mol to complete the quest and get a little peace of mind about the Tiefling trickster's safety.

Where to find Mol

Once Mol disappears, you won't actually find her in the Shadow-Cursed Lands or in act two at all. You'll have to wait until act three to see the wheeling-dealing Tiefling again. Once you pass over Wyrm's Crossing into the Lower City of Baldur's Gate, you can find Mol in the Guildhall. This is essentially the secret underground headquarters for the city's thieves and criminal types—makes sense Mol would find her feet there.

If you're pursuing Jaheira's questline to find Minsc, you'll have to go to Guildhall anyway, and she can get you in by convincing the guard, Tusgront, if you have her in your party. From the Heapside Strand waypoint in the south of the Lower City, head north-east down the alley to find Tusgront, and then through the Revealed Entrance after he's convinced. Once inside, go straight ahead, then turn right and go up and down the stairs to find Mol. Turns out that eyepatch was just for show, which, to be honest, is the most Mol thing ever.

Incidentally, you can also find Mattis near the Requisitioned Barn in the east of Rivington, though, weirdly enough, I didn't seem to have a dialogue option to tell him where Mol was once I'd found her and completed the quest, but maybe it'll be different for you.

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Where to Find Mol in Baldur's Gate 3 (5)

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Where to Find Mol in Baldur's Gate 3 (2024)
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